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AKK K5 Poker Analyzer Samsung Mobile Phone

We have many different poker analyzers for sale and we are here specially introducing our AKK K5 to you.

1. What does the AKK K5look like?

Our AKK K5 is also a real Samsung Galaxy S6 mobile phone, looking exquisite and attractive.

2. What functions does it have?

( 1 ) As a mobile phone, it has the functions of making calls, sending messages, downloading apps and surfing the Internet etc..

( 2 ) As a poker analyzer, it has the functions of scanning marked cards, analyzing scanned data and predicting poker results.

3. What programs does it have?

( 1 ) The best poker hand: if it reports “3”, it means that the third player has the best poker hand on the table.

( 2 ) The best and the second best poker hands: if it reports “5, 6”, it means that the fifth player will have the best poker hand and the sixth player will get the second best poker hand.

( 3 ) The ranks of the all players at the table: if it reports “4, 1, 8, 7, 3, 6, 5, 2”, that means the first player rank forth, the second player rank first and the third player gets the worst poker hand and so on

( 4 ) The arrangement of the whole deck: reporting the cards from the bottom one to the top one.

4. What games does it support?

Texas Holdem, 4/5/6-card Omaha, Omaha Hi-Low, Andar Bahar, Flush, Baccarat, Blackjack, Indian games and so on.

5. What advantages does it have?

( 1 ) AKK K5 is smaller, thinner and lighter than many other poker analyzers

( 2 ) AKK K5 has 3 channels to receive wireless video, capable of working any external poker camera in the world, including wireless ones.

( 3 ) There is a vibrator for the AKK K5 poker analyzer and you can know who is winner by feeling the vibrator shaking.

( 4 ) AKK K5 has a long-distance one-to-one earpiece, which can allow you to hear the poker analyzer reporing poker rsults even it’s 10m away from the earpiece.  

( 5 ) You can adjust the reporting speed, the light and definition of the AKK K5 poker analyzer.

If you are interested in our AKK K5 poker analyzer, please don’t hesitate to contact us!