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All-in-one CVK 400 Poker Analyzer with 2 Built-in Cameras

Stock No: EYEA0019

Quantity: Enough

Weight: 300g

Product Details

Our latest CVK 400 poker analyzer is all-in-one set, based on CVK 350 poker analyzer. Here are some information about it.

1. Equipped with two high-definition built-in camera, cvk 400 poker analyzer is capable of reading cards wider than CVK 350 one equipped with just one camera at the same speed.

2. CVK 400poker analyzer can let you knowwho will be the biggest winner, the ranks of all players, the best  and second best poker hand or other game results before dealing cards.

3. With a bluetooth earpiece going with the CVK 400 poker analyzer you can hear the reporting sound within 2 meter from the analyzers, which is impossible for CVK 350 one whose distance is limited to 50 centimeters by the wireless earpiece.

4. CVK 400 poker analyzer can read cards with its screen up or down, while CVK 350 one can only work with its screen up.

5.CVK 400 poker analyzer works for such poker games as Texas holdem,Omaha, Blackjack and 9 point .

6. CVK 400 poker analyzer is a real smart Android cellphone, allowing you to make contacts with other people in daily life.

With all of these advantages, CVK 400 poker analyzers can help you cheat at poker games in an easy way!