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Amazing Removable Shirt Button Camera Lens

Spy camera lens can be fixed inside something like cellphone, car key,  belt, lighter or watch to help poker players cheat at poker games. This article is mainly about the camera lens fixed inside shirt button.

It is a removable HD camera lens. Unlike normal ones which require you to put barcode marked cards on flat on the table for them to read the cards, it can scan the barcodes easily, quickly and accurately at any angle whether you put the cards on the table or hold them in your hands. Its scanning distance is 33-50cm and scanning range is 26 x 24cm. There is no need for you to worry that other players may notice this device since it’s so small and completely concealable. Besides,it also has the advantage of low power consumption.

Our removable shirt button camera lens can  help you cheat at poker games by working with any type of poker analyzers like CVK poker analyzers, AKK poker analyzers, GPS poker analyzers and so on. With its help, users can get accurate game results in a short time. .
Our removable shirt button camera lens is amazing and it deserves your trust! If you have an interested in this cheating device, please don’t hesitate to contact us!