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Automatic Programmed Mahjong Cheating Table

Stock No: EYEMJ0001

Quantity: Enough

Weight: 50 KG

Product Details

Playing Mahjong games has become a very popular entertainment means for many people around the world to kill time, have fun or make money. If you want to win a lot of money by cheating at Mahjong games, we are here recommending you to use our automatic programmed Mahjong table for the games.

The programmed Mahjong table has been fixed by our technicians with a cheating program inside, yet it looks no different from common ones.

Two necessary accessories:

There are two necessary accessories that go with the programmed Mahjong tale. One is processed Mahjong tiles and the other is a remote control.

The processed Mahjong tiles:

The Mahjong tiles have been processed with special chips which can work with the cheating program installed in the table during the cheating process. The back color of the Mahjong tiles comes in either blue or green.

The remote control:

The remote control is for you to operate the whole cheating process in a secret way while you are playing Mahjong games. No matter where you sit at the table, you can always get the best winner hand by using the controller.

Application areas:

You can apply our the whole Mahjong cheating set to the Mahjong games in all kinds of gambling occasions like private gambling, party gambling, club gambling, casino gambling and so on.