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Automatic Poker Shuffler Baccarat Cheating System

Our automatic poker shuffler Baccarat cheating system can help you become a big winner in gambling by letting you know all the poker results immediately after the shuffling. The whole cheating system is made up of three parts: an automatic poker shuffler, a special cellphone and a remote control. 

Automatic poker shuffler:

> material: plastic

> color : black

> capacity: one deck

> features: beautiful in appearance and exquisite in workmanship

> cheating functions: installed inside with a fiber optical camera lens, which can scan regular playing cards quickly, collect all the cards’ information accurately and transfer the collected data to the special cellphone immediately

Special cellphone:

> cheating functions: predicting poker results and presenting them all on the its screen

> daily functions: making calls, sending messages, surfing the Internet and playing games etc..

Remote control:

> controlling the switch of the fiber optical camera lens

> easy and convenient to carry around

If you are interested in using our automatic poker shuffler Baccarat cheating system to help you win money in gambling, please don’t hesitate  to contact us!