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Aviator Heritage Marked Poker Cards

Our company, EYE Poker Cheat Center, is a professional producer of poker cheating devices, boasting advanced technology and sophisticated equipment to process Aviator Heritage normal poker cards into Aviator Heritage back/edge marked poker cards.

Basic information:

> Material: paper

> Color: red&blue

> Size: poker size

> Index: regular index

Marking styles:

> One big number with suit in the middle of the poker backs

> Four small number with suit in the four corners of the poker backs

> Six mini number with suit in the white board of the poker backs

> Barcodes on the edge of the four poker sides


> Is EYEPCC trustworthy?

Our company, EYEPCC, has been in this line for over 20 years, always devoting ourselves to providing high quality marked poker cards for our customers at home and abroad.

> In what aspects are the Aviator Heritage marked poker cards produced by EYEPCC better than those made by other companies?

There is nearly no chromatic aberration between our Aviator Heritage marked poker cards and the Aviator Heritage normal poker cards after the mechanical processing. Both the back marks and edge marks are water-resistant and wear-resistant, capable of staying unfading for as long as two years.

> How much time will you need to process Aviator Heritage normal poker cards into Aviator Heritage marked poker cards?

Generally, other companies will take a few days to complete the processing, while our company just need a couple of hours.

> What other poker cheating tools that can be used together with Aviator Heritage marked poker cards do you sell?

( IR/UV/luminous ) contact lenses/sunglasses, poker scanners, poker analyzers, poker shoes, poker shufflers…