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Baccarat Automatic Cheating Shuffler

Automatic cheating shuffler is the best cheating device for Baccarat, a popular poker game in Gambling clubs and casinos. In order to achieve success in poker cheat, it needs to work with a cellphone poker analyzer and barcode marked cards.

For poker analyzer, we have CVK 500, CVK 400, CVK 350, AKK K4 and other types of poker analyzers in our stock. For barcode marked cards, we have all kinds of marked cards ( both barcode marked cards and back marked cards ) for customers’ choice, such as Aviator Pinochle marked cards, Bee No.92 marked cards, Copag 1546 marked cards, KEM Arrow marked cards and so on.You can get any kind of marked cards into the game.

The automatic cheating shuffler is fixed inside with a camera, which is so concealable that it won’t be discovered by other poker players. When the cards are being shuffled, this camera can record what each card is, then change it into data and last send all the data to the cellphone poker analyzer you choose to use for analysis. After all the data has been analyzed, the results would be shown on the screen of the cellphone, telling you if the Banker wins or the Player wins or Ties before the cards are dealt. The shuffler is capable of shuffling 8 decks at most at a time. You can bet according to the results you have have known in advance.

This Baccarat automatic cheating shuffler can also be used to cheat Blackjack, another kind of popular poker game. It can let users know the points of all cards and how to “hit” or “stop” the next cards in Blackjack.

If you are interested in our automatic cheating shuffler, please don’t hesitate to contact us! It won’t let you down!