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Baccarat Automatic Optical Fiber Poker Shuffler

We usually turn a common automatic poker shuffler into a poker cheating device by installing inside it with a optical fiber poker camera, which so  concealable that nobody will be able to discover its existence even if they  check the poker shuffler carefully.

The poker camera can play a great role in the poker cheating process by scanning normal playing cards quickly and then sending the cards’ information to a special cellphone immediately. You can switch on or off the poker camera by using a dedicated remote control.

The special cellphone is a real smart phone installed with an analysis software, which can analyze the cards’ information transferred from the poker camera and present all the poker results on the cellphone screen.

Your cheating partner(s) in backstage can tell you whether it’s the Banker wins, the Player wins or Tiles through an earpiece. In this case, your odds of losing money while you play Baccarat will be reduced to the minimum.

If you are interested in our this Baccarat automatic optical fiber poker shuffler, please don’t hesitate to contact us!