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Baccarat Monitoring System with Remote Control Poker Shoe

Our company has different Baccarat monitoring systems for sale and here  in this article we are gonna introduce you to the one with remote control poker shoe.

The whole system consists of eight parts: a remote control poker shoe , a monitor, a wireless sender, two remote controllers, a wireless receiver, barcode marked cards, a speaker and an earpiece.

There is an HD poker camera and a poker hider installed inside the poker shoe. With good concealment, both of the poker camera and the poker hider are pretty difficult to be discovered even by those who carefully check the poker shoe. The camera can scan barcode marked cards quickly, and then present the cards’ barcodes clearly on the monitor screen through the wireless sender.

Those barcodes are special for the combination of their position and length determines what points they represent. According to these barcodes, you can know what each card is. If the card-to-be-dealt can make a good poker hand for you, you can just deal it. But if not, you just need to press the button on one of the controllers and then the card will be concealed in the poker hider.

The whole cheating process can not be operated by someone alone. In order to achieve success, you need to get a cheating partner in the backstage to tell you the information shown on the monitor screen through the speaker and the earpiece.

Remember that the one who performs the cheating acts has to be the poker dealer!

Our this Baccarat monitoring system with remote control poker shoe can be used in many different gambling occasions, like private poker party, poker match, magic show, casino gambling and so on. If you are interested in trying our Baccarat cheating set, welcome to contact us!