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Baccarat Poker Shoe with A Hidden Poker Camera

A poke shoe, which has been installed with a hidden poker camera, is usually used as part of poker analyzer system for Baccarat cheat. We can hide the poker camera inside poker shoes of different types, all of which are commonly seen in poker clubs and casinos.

The poker shoes we provide for customers have enjoyed a good reputation for being excellent in workmanship and great in quality. The poker camera inside them is so concealable that even those who check the poker shoes can not discover its existence. The function of the poker camera in Baccarat cheat is to first scan edge marked cards quickly, then collect the cards’ information accurately, and last transfer the collected data to your poker analyzer immediately, no matter it’s PK King, CVK or AKK series. As soon as your poker analyzer completes the analysis of the data, it will tell you the poker result of each round. With a tiny earpiece worn in your ear, you will be the only one who knows what your poker analyzer says.

Our Baccarat poker shoe with a hidden poker camera, as a poker cheating device, is suitable for private poker party, poker match, magic show, casino gamble and so on. If you are interested in it, welcome to contact us!