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Baccarat/Blackjack Cheating Poker Shuffler

While playing Baccarat or Blackjack, poker dealers usually use poker shufflers to shuffle poker cards instead of shuffling them with hands. Our company can process a common poker shuffler into a gambling cheating device by installing a fiber lens inside it.

We have cheating poker shufflers of different sizes for your choice: small size for shuffling 2 decks, medium size for shuffling 4or 6 decks and big size for 8 decks.

With good concealment, the fiber lens is pretty difficult to be discovered even by those who check the poker shuffler. It can scan poker faces, then turn them into digital numbers, and last send the information to a cell phone or a computer. In this way, you can figure out who will win the game. 

You can use regular card decks to play Baccarat or Blackjack poker  — there is no need to get marked cheating cards involved.

For short-distance monitoring, the whole cheating system consists of a poker shuffler, a cell phone and a remote control.

And long-distance monitoring, the whole cheating system consists of  a poker shuffler, two cell phones, a remote controller and a TV or a computer.

In addition to such a cheating poker shuffler, our company also has many other types of Baccarat/Blackjack cheating devices, such as barcode marked cards, cheating poker shoe, poker camera and poker analyzer. If you are interested in any of our our gambling cheating tools, welcome to contact us! We can assure you of the good quality of our products and provide them for you with reasonable price.