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Banknotes Marked Cheating Cards Scanner

We can hide a poker scanning camera in a wad of banknotes, turning the money into a marked cheating cards scanner for poker analyzing system. You may refer to the following parts if you are interested in this poker scanning device.

>currency type: RMB, USD, Euro etc..( real bills mixed with fake ones )

> cash value: according to your requirement

> camera lenses: single or double

> scanning distance: short or long

> lens definition: high definition — 1080P, sending clear scanned image of invisible edge barcodes to poker analyzer

> scanning ability: fast speed, high accuracy and strong stability

> concealment: not easy to be discovered by anyone

> application areas: Texas holdem, Omaha, Flush, Andar Bahar, Baccarat…

We use different types of invisible ink to mark normal playing cards on the edges, and thus we have different types of one-to-one poker scanning cameras to be hidden in the banknotes, which can scan their corresponding edge marked cards for any type of poker analyzers, like PK series, AKK series, CVK series. If you want to buy one, welcome to approach us for it!