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Bee marked cards made of 100% plastic

If you want to win poker games in an easier way, you need to have one kind of poker cheat devices. They are main two materials: paper poker cards and plastic poker cards. Today, I will share the 100% plastic bee marked cards for you.

The bee marked cards can be printed into the invisible ink marked cards for IR contact lenses reading, barcode marked cards for poker analyzer system and back marked cards can be read by the spy camera. No matter which kind of marked cards you want to choose, we adopt the best material to make them. Those marked cards are made of 100% plastic. Thus, as regards their quality, they enjoy the good hand fell and strong flexibility. Moreover, compared with the paper marked cards, they are more endurable and washable. Even marked, the bee marked poker cards still keep good share of original cards. With the help of bee marked cards in your poker cheat, you can win any kind of poker game in an easier way.

There are many kinds of marked cards in our company. Also custom-make poker cards are available. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you need.