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Bee Marked Cheating Cards

If you want to buy Bee marked cheating cards, you can approach us for Bee No.92 decks or Bee Pinochle decks. Regarding the quality problem, please refer to the following parts:

( 1 ) Advanced technology and sophisticated equipment

We apply advanced technology and sophisticated equipment to the production of Bee marked cheating cards — back marked cheating cards and edge marked cheating cards.

( 2 ) No chromatic aberration

Having been processed by our technicians, our Bee marked cheating cards nearly have no chromatic aberration compared to the Bee normal playing cards.

( 2 ) Original hand feel

Our Bee marked cheating cards won’t be sticky to one another, and thus giving you the original hand feel.

( 3 ) Being water-resistant and wear-resistant

Marks printed on the backs and edges of Bee playing cards are water-resistant and wear-resistant, capable of still being scanned by poker cameras even after you rub the cards against table or immerse them in water.

( 4 ) Short processing time

It just take us a couple of hours to process Bee normal playing cards into Bee marked cheating cards, much faster than our counterparts.

We can provide you with our Bee marked cheating cards or process your Bee normal playing cards into Bee marked cheating cards for you if you like.