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Bicycle Back/Edge Marked Playing Cards

Bicycle playing cards are quite popular with poker players and magicians all over the world, especially in the United States.This poker brand has many different backs designs and they all normally feature the Bicycle classic patented air-cushioned finish, softly beveled edges and sandwich construction for enhanced game play.

We usually process Bicycle playing cards into two types of marked playing cards — back marked cards or edge marked cards. The former has the invisible marks printed on card backs, while the latter has the invisible marks printed along card edges. Both the back marks and the edge marks can stay unfading as long as 2 years! There is nearly no chromatic aberration between our marked playing cards and their original playing cards. The back marks can be clearly seen by wearing our poker perspective glasses, while the edge marks can be clearly seen on poker analyzer screen after being read by our poker scanners.

Various kinds of Bicycle marked playing cards are available form our company, such as Bicycle 808, Bicycle 809, Bicycle Archangels, Bicycle Prestige, Bicycle Dragon, Bicycle Chainless, Bicycle Cyclist, Bicycle Panda, Bicycle Steampunk, Bicycle Mariner, Bicycle U.S. President,   Bicycle Craft Beer, Bicycle Cocktail and so on. If you are interested in any kind of them, welcome to contact us