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Ceiling Lamp Marked Cheating Cards Scanner

Our ceiling lamps, as marked cheating cards scanners, are available in many different styles, which all are characterized by exquisite appearance and fine workmanship.

The poker scanning camera hidden in our ceiling lamps has good concealment, impossible to be discovered by other people. It can scan corresponding one-to-one back marked cards and then send high-definition scanned image of the invisible marks to a backstage monitor screen.

The poker scanning camera will be able to work more efficiently if you fix the ceiling lamp above the table on which you play poker games. Its scanning distance is 1 to 5 meters and its scanning range covers a whole Texas holdem poker table. Having scanned the back marked cards and collected all the cards’ information, it will transfer the collected data to a backstage monitor and show the invisible marks on the monitor screen. The data can be transmitted by wireless transfer or wifi transfer.

Get a cheating partner in the backstage to tell you what he or she has seen on the monitor screen through some other cheating accessories.

We can install a whole ceiling lamp scanning and monitoring system in your casino, poker club or other gambling places for you. If you are interested, please don’t hesitate to contact us!