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Ceiling Lamp Poker Scanner for Backstage Monitoring System

We can turn a common ceiling lamp into a poker scanner as part of a  backstage monitoring system for poker cheat.

The ceiling lamp is available in different styles. As a poker scanner, it has been installed inside with a poker camera which can scan corresponding one-to-one back marked cards and then make the invisible marks visible on the backstage monitor screen. The poker camera is so concealable that nobody will be able to discover its existence.

Fix the ceiling lamp above the table on which you play poker games, turn on the poker camera before you gamble, then it will work efficiently in the cheating process: first scanning the back marked cards quickly, then collecting the cards’ information accurately, and last transferring the collected data to the backstage monitor, on the screen of which your cheating partner can clearly see the invisible marks on the card backs. The data can be transmitted by wireless transfer or wifi transfer.

Your cheating partner in the backstage can let you know what he or she has seen on the monitor screen through a walkie talkie and an earpiece.

If you are interested in our ceiling lamp poker scanner for backstage monitoring system, please don’t hesitate to contact us!