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Cheating Poker Shoe for Baccarat Monitoring System

Our cheating poker shoe for Baccarat monitoring system is half transparent and we have installed a mini poker camera in its non-transparent part, which is so concealable that nobody will be able to discover its existence even you check the poker shoe carefully.

The poker camera can scan barcode marked cards contained in the poker shoe quickly and then present the barcodes along the card edges clearly on a monitor screen through a transmitter. The edge barcodes are special for the combination of their position and length determines what points they represent. According to such barcodes, your cheating partner(s) in backstage can, before dealing cards, figure out what poker result of each round it will be: the Banker wins, the Player wins or Tiles. If the poker result is not good for you, you just need to press a certain button on a dedicated remote control and then the poker shoe will hide the first card.

Our company specializes in selling various kinds of poker cheating products, capable of providing you with the whole Baccarat monitoring system, which includes the half-transparent cheating poker shoe, a monitor, a wireless sender, two remote controls, a wireless receiver, barcode marked cards and an earpiece. If you are interested, welcome to contact us!