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Cigarette Camera for Poker Analyzer System

It is not unusual to see people smoke cigarette while they are playing poker games. The universality of smoking has made cigarette a common item in all kinds of gambling places like clubs and casinos.

Our company is a manufacturer of gambling cheating tools and we also have “special cigarette” for sale. Our special cigarette looks the same as ordinary ones in appearance since the differences between the former and latter can not be discovered by human naked eye.

Our special cigarette has been fixed inside with the world’s smallest HD camera lens, the Schott lens imported with original packaging from Germany. This lens is capable of collecting clear images with high precision. With the use of intelligent power-saving switch, the cigarette’s high capacity battery can supply power much longer than any of its similar or competing products. The cigarette is 84mm in length and 8mm in diameter.

In a word, our special cigarette is not for people to smoke, but for them to cheat at poker games. Would you like to have a try with our special cigarette in poker cheat? If the answer is yes, please feel free to contact us!