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CVK 500 Poker Analyzer — A New Favor of the Poker World

Good news! The year of 2017 has welcomed the advent of CVK 500 poker analyzer, the most advanced poker analyzer so far in the market.

Compared with CVK 350 and CVK 400 poker analyzer, there are some breakthrough made in the CVK 500 ones.

First, CVK 500 not only can read barcode marked cards and report poker results with its screen up and down, but also can work when it is being moved in a large scale.

Second, CVK 500 has been fixed with a high-definition image recognition software, which can improve the accuracy of image recognition, making the analyzer report poker results more quickly, accurately and stably.

Third, CVK 500 has two original sound transmission functions, allowing   the reporting sound to be transmitted not only through its one to one digital earpiece newly developed for CVK poker analyzer, but also through a traditional earpiece.

Fourth, CVK 500 has two original image transmission functions, namely, 2-4G analog transmission function and image transmission function. Among its similar or competing products, CVK 500 poker analyzer is the only one that has two image transmission functions in the market so far.

To keep abreast with the latest trends in gambling field, our company always produces the most advanced and useful cheating devices for customers. So when it comes to poker analyzer, we have CVK 500 for sale.

If you don’t wanna lag behind the latest trends in gambling field and our CVK 500 poker analyzer has aroused your interest, why not approach us for it?!