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CVK 500 Poker Analyzer in Hot Selling

What can people do to reduce the chance of losing or even to increase the chance of winning in poker games? Some choose to learn useful poker skills and techniques, while others choose to apply useful cheating tools to the gambling. If you prefer the latter, we recommend you to try our latest CVK 500 poker analyzer.

— Our CVK 500 poker analyzer can report poker results with its screen up or down whether it’s being placed on the table or being moved in a large scale.

— The high-definition image recognition software installed in the CVK 500 can improve the accuracy of image recognition and make it report poker results more quickly, accurately and stably.

— With two original sound transmission functions, the CVK 500 can report poker results to users through a traditional earpiece and a one-to-one digital earpiece, newly developed for CVK poker analyzer.

— So far in the market, CVK 500 is the only one that has two original image transmission functions in the market, namely 2-4G analog transmission function and image transmission function.

— There are three language settings in CVK 500: English, Chinese and Russia.

Our CVK 500 poker analyzer can help users to reduce the chance of losing by letting them know who will get the best winner hand in all kinds of poker games like Omaha, Texas Holdem, Flush and Andar Bahar etc.. If you are interested in the poker analyzer, welcome to contact us!