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Dice Board Remote Control System

Many of our customers who want to win money in dice games by using some cheating devices have chosen to try our dice board remote control system, which consists of three parts: electronic dice, a dice board and a remote control. If you are interested, please refer to the following parts:

dice board:

> material: wooden

> color : yellow

> size: 10*10cm, 20*20cm, 30*30cm, 40*40cm…

> charging time: 2 — 3 hours

> instructions: installing the board under the table on which you play dice games

electronic dice:

> material: plastic

> size: 8 mm , 10 mm , 12 mm , 14 mm , 16 mm…

> instructions: having been processed by our technicians, each dice has a positive side and a negative side ( 1&6, 2&5 or 3&4 ) — tossing the dice where the dice board is located — the closer to its center, the better.

remote control:

> button A: for making all the positive sides to face up

> button C: for making all the negative sides to face up

We can provide you with the electronic dice of our own, but if you prefer to have your dice processed into electronic dice, we can satisfy your requirement as well. If you are interested in using dice board remote control system for money-making, welcome to contact us!