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Dice Cheating System

Do you want to get the dice points you want while playing dice games? If you do, we are here recommending you to use our dice cheating system to achieve that purpose.

The whole system consists of remote control dice, a base board and a remote control.

Since magnetic dice can be checked out easily, we have developed remote control dice, which has been installed with an electronic microchip. We can process all kinds of ordinary dice, like transparent dice, bone dice and plastic dice, into remote control dice. The size of the dice can be 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 14mm, 16mm…

The base board should be fixed under the table on which you gamble and the dice should be rolled on top of where the board is located. The closer to its center, the better. This base board is a controlling unit, running on a rechargeable basis. It just need 2-3 hours to recharge and can stand by up to many hours without consuming any of its power. The normal size of the board can be 10*10cm, 20*20cm, 30*30cm, 40*40cm, but if you prefer another size, we will try to satisfy your requirements.

You can get the points you want by using the remote conrol, and thus control the outcome of the rolling. The controller can still work even with something like walls being obstacles.  

If you want to win money in dice gambling by using some cheating devices, how about trying our dice cheating system. If you are interested, please don’t hesitate to contact us!