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Dice Shaker Remote Control System

Do you want to win money in dice games by using some cheating devices? If you do, we are here recommending you to try our dice shaker remote control system. You may refer to the following parts if you are interested in its components.

electronic dice

> material: plastic

> size: 8 mm , 10 mm , 12 mm , 14 mm , 16 mm…

> instructions: having been processed by our technicians, each dice has a positive side and a negative side ( 1&6, 2&5 or 3&4 )

dice shaker

> material: plastic

> color: black

> shape: cup

> charging time: no more than two hours

> instructions: the shaker base has been specially processed, capable of inducting the positive and negative sides of the electronic dice

remote control

> button A: for making all the positive sides to face up

> button D: for making all the negative sides to face up

We can provide you with the electronic dice of our own, but if you prefer to have your dice processed into electronic dice, we can satisfy your requirement as well. If you are interested in using dice shaker remote control system for money-making, welcome to contact us!