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Different Types of Poker Analyzers for Sale

A cellphone can used as a communication tool to make contact with other people. Yet a cellphone with a scanning camera can be used as a cheating device in poker games or magic show. Such a cheating device is called poker analyzer.

Poker analyzer is a good working partner of barcode marked cards in poker cheat. Our company has poker analyzers of different types for sale among which CVK 500, AKK K4, AKK K5 are in hot selling. All of our poker analyzers can be used for Texas Holdem, Omaha, Flush,Blackjack, Baccarat and many other poker games. They look nothing different from ordinary mobile phones, thus won’t attract much attention from other gamblers in the cheatinhg process.

There are different program settings in our poker analyzers, like reading poker cards one by one or reporting poker results directly: the first winner, second winner or the rank of each poker hand.

They can let users know the poker results accurately and quickly after the scanning camera fixed inside the cellphone finishes scanning the barcodes.

If you want to buy a poker analyzer, welcome to visit our website EYE Poker Cheat Center where there are latest poker analyzers of different types for customers’ choice.