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Hand-control Magic Dice

Our company makes different kinds of cheating dice, among which the mercury dice is the simplest one.

The magic thing about our mercury dice is that you can hand control the gambling results by tossing the dice sides you want while using them to gamble.

To make such cheating dice, we usually put a certain amount of mercury — the only liquid metal, into the original normal dice. In spite of the mercury, the processed dice still look very normal and weigh nearly as much as the unprocessed dice. People can’t tell the weight differences between the processed cheating dice and the unprocessed normal dice with their hands. Besides, they also can’t find the mercury even if they smash the processed dice into pieces.

Then, how to hand control the mercury dice?

Here is the thing: the mercury is movable and it can move to any side of the dice. For example, if you want to get 6 pips, you just need to make 1 pip face-down, then the mercury will move to the side of 1. And under the action of gravity, the face of 6 will always face up. In other words, such cheating dice are just like tumblers for as long as their center of gravity is fixed, no matter how you spin them, only the fixed side(s) will face up.

Tossing the dice sides you want is not an easy thing to do, especially if you are a beginner. Therefore, you need to practice rolling the mercury dice again and again until you become good at it. Practice makes perfect!

If you are interested in buying our hand-control magic dice or letting us process your own normal dice into such cheating dice, please don’t hesitate to contact us!