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How Remote Control Dice Help You Cheat in Dice Games

Our remote control dice can help you cheat in dice games by letting you get the dice points you want.

In order for regular dice, no matter it’s like transparent dice, bone dice or plastic dice, to work as a cheating device in gambling, we usually process two opposite sides ( 1 and 6, 2 and 5, or 3 and 4 ) of the dice, turning one side into positive pole and the other into negative pole.

You can make all the positive sides or the negative sides face up on a base board by using a dedicated remote control. The base board has been specially processed as well and it should be fixed under the gambling table. The remote control dice should be tossed on where the board is located. The closer the dice to its center, the better.

The base board is a controlling unit, running on a rechargeable basis. It just needs 2-3 hours to recharge its battery and can stand by up to 8 hours without consuming any of its power.

The normal size of the board can be 10*10cm, 20*20cm, 30*30cm, 40*40cm, but if you prefer another size, we will try to satisfy your requirements.

In addition to selling the remote control dice of our own, we can also process your own regular dice into remote control dice if you like. If you are interested in such cheating dice, please don’t hesitate to contact us!