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How to Apply AKK A1 to Poker Cheat

What type of poker analyzer would you like to use for poker cheat, AKK, CVK or PK King? If you prefer the the first type, AKK A1, one of the latest poker analyzers available from our company, is a great choice for you.

Different from AKK K4 and AKK A5, both of which feature the Samsung     phone appearance design, the AKK A1 is a poker analyzer disguised as a Huawei phone, which can allow you to make calls, send messages and surf the Internet etc.. in daily life. But here in this article, we are gonna talk about how to apply our AKK A1 to poker cheat.

AKK A1 has a internal poker camera to scan barcode marked cards, so it doesn’t need to work with an external poker camera when it works. But if you want, you can change the local camera mode into external camera mode, and then match the external poker cameras your like. By the way, the signal frequency point on the external poker camera you use must be the same as the one on the AKK A1 poker analyzer.

AKK K5 has been installed with a poker analysis software which can report poker results after its internal poker camera scans barcode marked cards. The poker results can be delivered through an earpiece to you in different forms, like first poker hand, the first and second poker hand, or the ranks of each player.

Our AKK A1 poker analyzer has been in hot selling since it came out , never letting down those who have already applied it to poker cheat. If you are interested in it, welcome to contact us!