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How to use car key camera in poker game

Have you ever used card key camera lenses before? And do you know the car key camera lenses can be used to cheat at many kinds of poker games? If you don’t know it before, you can know more details about the car key camera for cheating poker games in the below.

Car key camera is secret and safe for scanning various barcode marked cards. The car key has hidden inside a mini camera. Before you are playing poker games, you can put it on the poker table and then it will scan any kind of barcode marked cards immediately. For instance, Fournier marked cards, Copag marked cards, Bee marked cards, Modiano marked cards, Bicycle marked cards, Lion3500 marked cards, Bear marked cards, KEM marked cards and other kinds. When the car key camera scan the barcode marks, it will send the signal to poker analyzer, and then the poker analyzer will analyze the date and transmit the poker result for you by mini earphones.

It is a regular car key but can be processed as a poker cheat device. The car key camera is a wonderful and reliable cheating device for cheating poker games. If you want to win a lot of money by playing poker games, you can contact us by Skype!