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HTC Smart Cellphone With Monitoring System For Back Marked Cards

Stock No: EYEM0001

Quantity: Enough

Weight: 120 g

Product Details

Is there any way to know the poker faces of face-down poker cards in addition to wearing cheating contact lenses or sunglasses. Yes, there is! You can use our monitoring system cellphone.

As a cheating device:

We have installed the cellphone with a pinhole spy camera and a special software. After the spy camera scans our specially made back marked cards, the software will present the those invisible marks on the cellphone screen. These marks can not be seen through other poker readers like infrared contact lenses. Such a cheating device is applicable to many kinds of poker games like Texas holdem, Omaha, Flush and so on.

As an ordinary cellphone:

As a real HTC smart cellphone, it also can be used to make contacts with other people, download music and play games etc. in daily life.


Camera lens : pinhole spy camera lens

Scanning distance : within 1 m

Scanning area : 0-50 cm

Battery life : 3 hours

Language : English and Chinese

Battery replaceable

Package list:

HTC monitor system : 1 pc

Test cards : 5 pieces

Battery : 2 pcs

Charger : 1 pc