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Infrared Sunglasses Poker Perspective Spectacles

Our infrared sunglasses are poker perspective spectacles, with which you  can see through the playing cards marked by infrared ink on the backs. If you want to know more about the sunglasses, please refer to the following parts:

1. What styles do we have?

Our infrared sunglasses are available in both fashionable style and classic style.

2. What colors do we have?

Our infrared sunglasses come in different colors: red, brown, blue…

3. What advantage(s) you may have by wearing the sunglasses?

( 1 ) You will look pretty cool wearing our infrared sunglasses while playing poker games

( 2 ) Other poker players will not be able to read any information in your eyes.

( 3 ) You don’t need to worry about the micro-expression in your eyes revealing your psychological states.

4. Can we process your sunglasses into infrared sunglasses for you?

Yes, we can! If you have the needs, please send your sunglasses to us for the processing.

If you are interested in using infrared sunglasses to help you win money in poker games, welcome to contact us!