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iPhone 6 Power Case Scanning Camera for Edge Marked Cards

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Product Details
Many people take a power case along everywhere they go for emergency using. Among them, for those who like playing poker games and always take their own power case to the poker table, it would be a smart idea for them to take advantage of it.
With a concealable poker camera we fix inside, Our iPhone 6 power case can be used to charge the battery of your cellphone, and at the same time, to scan marked cards for poker cheat.
The camera can scan marked cards in a highly hdden way. It can keep working with fast scanning speed for 3 hours.
After the scanning, the camera will transfer marked cards’ information to poker analyzer while other players think it’s just charging your iPhone 6.
As soon as the poker analyzer finishes analyzing the information, you will hear the poker result immediately through the earpiece in your ear.
A wonderful thing about using our iPhone 6 poker scanner is that you can use the cellphone being charged as the poker analyzer.