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iPhone 7 Power Bank Camera for Poker Cheat

To avoid arousing suspicion of other gamblers, the camera lens for poker analyzer system is usually fixed in many daily items like mobile phone, car key, lighter or watch and so on, to read the barcode marked cards. This article will introduce you to our latest iPhone 7 power bank camera which has been fixed with an HD camera lens inside.

With mini size and good concealment, the lens will not be noticed by other players at all. The iPhone 7 power bank camera can read barcode marked cards speedily and accurately at any angle even in dim light. After taht,  it  will send the information of the cards to the poker analyzer you get involved in the cheating process quickly.

For your information, we can also process the iPhone 7 power bank of yours into a cheating device and you can customize the scanning distance you need for the games.

The iPhone 7 power bank camera  is an ideal poker reader for poker analyzer system cheating. If you are interested in it, welcome to contact us!