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IR Contact Lenses for Black/Green/Blue/Grey/Hazel Eyes

IR contact lenses are one of the hottest cheating products sold by our company. Wearing these contact lenses, you can see those invisible IR marks printed on the backs of our processed cards.

In humans, the eye color distribution varies according to the regions and populations. For instance, blue eyes are commonly observed in people of Western Europe whereas hazel eyed individuals have a higher percentage in Spain. Nevertheless, wherever you come from, whatever your eyes color is, there will be a suitable IR contact lens for you since we sell infrared contact lenses of different colors, such as black-eye contact lenses, gray-eye contact lenses, blue-eye contact lenses and green-eye contact lenses. All of these contact lenses are made of high-quality material, making them harmless to human eyes and comfortable to wear.

Our IR contact lenses are 4, 7 or 9mm in center diameter (4 mm for just covering the pupil, while 7mm and 9mm for covering the iris). Besides, the diameter of the IR contact lenses you need can also be customized according to your requirement. So is the degree!


Diameter : 13.8mm

Center thickness : 0.04 mm

Center diameter : 4mm, 7mm, 9mm

Base curve : 8.6mm

Water content : 42%

Material : HEMA

Obtained FDA,ISO9001,EN46001 Such as a number of international quality system certification. And a number of product patents, Manufacturing technology patent, Grinding patent, Known as artificial cornea.

Package details:

Contact lenses Korea Ver. : 1 set

By workingr with invisible ink marked cards, our infrared contact lenses can help you cheat at Texas Omaha, Omaha, Blackjack, Baccarat, Low ball, Show hand, and many local and special poker games.
If you want to have a try with our IR contact lenses for poker cheat, please feel free to contact us!