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Laser Camera for Seeing the Dice Covered by A Bowl

Is there any way to see the dice covered by a bowl? Yes, there is! You can resort to our laser camera, a type of cheating device for dice gambling.

Our laser camera can scan a plastic bowl, no matter what color it is, making it transparent, and then transfer the scanned image to a phone or monitor screen so that you can clearly see the dice covered by the bowl on the screen.

This laser camera is not for single one to use, so you need to work with your friend, who can tell you what result has come out in the backstage through a mini earpiece.

The battery of the camera can be used for several hours and if it’s running out of power, you can charge it with the charger included in the product package, just like charging your cell phone.

We usually fix the laser camera in lamp or TV, but if you prefer another item as the carrier of the camera, we can satisfy your demand as well.

You can use any kind of ordinary dice, like plastic dice, transparent dice, bone dice, white dice, red dice, blue dice etc.. No processed dice are needed for the gambling cheat. With knowing the dice points, you can play the following parts of the game accordingly and cautiously.

In addition to the laser camera, we also have many other dice cheating devices for your choice, like remote control dice, induction dice, mercury dice and automatic dice cheating cup. If you have an interest in any of these products, welcome to contact us!