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Laser Ink for Making Marked Cards by Yourself

Our company sells such invisible ink as luminous ink, IR ink, UV ink and laser ink. Among the four kinds of invisible ink, laser ink is the most recommended option for marking back marked cards!

When using luminous, IR or UV ink to mark playing cards on their backs, it is nearly unavoidable that there exists more or less chromatic aberration between marked cards and their original cards. However, this problem will not occur if using laser ink to make back marked cards. These marked cards can keep good hand feel and shape of their original cards after being processed with laser ink. Besides, the marks printed on the card backs can only be recognized by laser camera lens, and other poker scanners like IR and UV readers are not capable of checking them, which can greatly reduce the risk of cheating and make the cheating process safer and more effective!

We can provide laser ink for you to make back marked cards by yourself or directly provide you with laser ink marked cards ( back marked cards or side marked cards ). And, you can also approach us for laser camera lens as well.

If you want to make back marked cards by yourself and have an interest in our laser ink, welcome to contact us!