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Latest AKK K5 Poker Analyzer English Version

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Product Details
AKK K5 is one of the latest AKK poker analyzers. Here is some information about it:
Being the thinnest poker analyzer in the market so far:
AKK K5, with the original S6 mobile phone appearance design, is just 7.5mm in thickness, thinner than all the poker analyzers of other types.
Capable of working with both internal and external scanning cameras:
AKK K5 is fixed inside with a dedicated dynamic HD camera, which can scan barcode marked cards in a wide range. In spite of this built-in camera, AKK K5 can also work with external scanning cameras.
Capable of reporting poker results in backlighting environment:
AKK K5 is installed with newly-upgraded 3.0 software, which can make it capable of reporting poker results more quickly, stably and accurately no matter its screen faces up or down. The 3.0 software also makes AKK K5 become the only one so far in the market that can report poker results in backlighting environment.
P5 bluetooth power amplifier:
AKK K5 has a P5 bluetooth power amplifier, which can make its reporting sound clearer even in the far distance. The reporting sound from the dedicated earpiece going with the AKK K5 can be adjusted to the clearest level according to individual requirements .
Dedicated remote control:
AKK K5 has a dedicated remote control, which can remotely control the switch of the camera and the number of players.
Color choices:
In addition to being a poker analyzer applicable to such poker games as Texas holdem, Flush and Omaha, AKK K5 can also be used to make contacts with other people in daily life. We have the English Ver. AKK K5 poker analyzers of different colors for customers’ choice, including white, black, blue and platinum. For more further details about our English Ver. AKK K5 poker analyzer, welcome to contact us!