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Leather Belt Scanning Cameras to Read Invisible Ink Marks

Our company sells two types of leather belt scanning cameras: one is for scanning marked playing cards and the other is for scanning marked Mahjong tiles.

The exterior design of our leather belt is neat and fashionable —  super-thin belt with a golden buckle. The scanning camera fixed inside the buckle is completely concealable and nobody can find out its existence.

The scanning distance of the poker camera reaches up to 70 to 105cm, making the camera applicable to the poker games played on big gambling tables. Its scanning height is 25cm and its scanning width is 30cm. With this range, the camera can scan marked playing cards with fast speed, high accuracy and strong stability.

As for the scanning camera for marked Mahjong tiles, its short scanning distance is 20-40cm and its long scanning distance is 1.5m. We usually mark our Majong tiles on one, two or three sides with such invisible ink as IR ink, UV ink and luminous ink. There is no chromatic aberration between the original Mahjong tiles and the processed ones. After the camera scans the marked Mahjong tiles, users can see those invisible marks clearly on TV or cellphone screen. No other types of scanning camera can be used to achieve this goal.

There are also many other types of scanning cameras in our EYE Poker Cheat Center, like power bank scanning camera, car key scanning camera, lighter scanning camera, wallet scanning camera and so on, each of which features fast scanning speed, but can only be used to read marked playing cards.