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Long distance camera lenses in poker analyzer system

There are many kinds of camera lenses in the market. You can find two types of short distance camera and long distance camera for poker analyzer system in poker cheat. In the below, I will share the long distance camera in your poker cheat.

The long distance camera lenses can be disguised secretly as our routine items like TV, a clock or a lamp. The scanning distance of long distance camera lens can reach 6m so that you can customize the good one in your poker gambling. It can meet your longer distance in poker analyzer system poker cheat. When you use it to cheat at poker games, it should be operated with a poker analyzer to finish the whole poker cheat. Reading the barcode marked cards with 100% accuracy, it is able to scan those marked cards immediately at any angle. By using this kind of long distance camera, you can operate your poker cheat more secretly and smoothly.

Also, we can accept your special customization. If you want to buy our long distance camera lenses in your poker analyzer system, please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.