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Lucky Star Automatic Tracking Camera

Usually, when customers want to buy our scanning camera for poker analyzer or scanning system, they need to tell us the exact distance they need between the scanning camera and marked cards. And, both of them must be kept in certain places.

But now, we have a new kind of scanning camera for sale, which can scan  marked cards no matter they are on gambling table or in player’s hand. This camera can scan marked cards even if the cards are being moved as long as they are in its scanning scope. Thus, this scanning camera is also called automatic tracking camera!

This scanning camera is very secret under the cover of clothes button. Its  accessories are hidden inside the clothes and all you can see when you look at the clothes is just a normal piece of T-shirt with normal buttons. Here are some features of this scanning camera:

1. It’s scanning distance is 35 to 60cm.

2. Its scanning width is 31cm and its scanning height is 35cm.

3. It an help the CPU to report poker results quickly.

4. It has the AES intelligent lighting system, which can solve the problem that the light intensity may impact its scanning effects.

5. It has the advantage of low power consumption, so it can keep working for many hours.

6. Its power bank is newly-upgraded, which has resolved all the problems that other power banks have. The power bank is coated with aluminium alloy, looking much more exquisite than common power banks. It can keep supplying power for the camera for more than 5 hours.

This scaning camera is called lucky star automatic tracking camera. If you are interested in it, welcome to contact us!