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Mahjong Cheating Tiles

For Mahjong players to cheat at Mahjong games, our company sells two types of cheating Mahjong tiles, one is those fixed with tiny chips and the other is those marked by invisible ink. 

The Mahjong tiles fixed with tiny chips need to work with the Mahjong table installed with a cheating program. There is a remote for controlling the whole cheating process. Users can get the best winner hand no matter where they sit by operating the remote.

The Mahjong tiles marked by invisible ink with need to work with our special contact lenses. We mark the tiles on one, two or three sides using our IR ink, UV ink or luminous ink. There is no chromatic aberration between the original Mahjong tiles and the marked ones. Those marks are invisible to human naked eyes and they can only be seen by wearing our perspective contact lenses or sunglasses, both of which are also available from our company. So, if you want to use our invisible ink marked Mahjong tiles to cheat at Mahjong games, don’t forget about the perspective glasses.

Both of the two types of cheating Mahjong tiles can help players win a lot of money in Mahjong games in an undetectable way. In addition to Mahjong games, our company also sells gambling cheating devices for poker games, dice games and domino games. If you are interested in such cheating device as our Mahjong tiles, welcome to approach us for them!