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Mobile Phone Playing Cards Exchanger

We have different poker exchanging devices for sale and we are here specially introducing our mobile phone playing cards exchanger to you.

1. What is mobile phone playing cards exchanger?

It’s a poker cheating device that can be used to exchange a hidden card  ( poker size or bridge size according to the exchanger size ) with a useless one in your hand.

2. Is it a real mobile phone?

It looks like a real mobile phone — iPhone or Samsung, and no one will be able to easily discover it’s actually not.

3. What should you do with it?

Before gambling, you should hide a playing card in the mobile phone exchanger. While gambling, you can exchange the hidden card with the unwanted one in your hand secretly if the former can make a better poker hand for you.

4. What advantages does it have?

( 1 ) No need to use processed playing cards

( 2 ) Easy to handle even for beginners

( 3 ) Exchanging cards very fast

( 4 ) Making no noise at all while it’s working

If you have needs, our poker professional can teach you how to use the mobile phone playing cards exchanger properly until you can handle it well. If you are interested in this poker exchanging device, welcome to contact us!