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Modiano barcode marked cards

The modiano poker cards can be processed into back marked cards for spy camera lenses, invisible ink marked cards for IR contact lenses and barcode marked cards for scanning camera lenses. Today, I will share the modiano barcode marked cards in your poker cheat.

The modiano barcode marked cards are specially designed for poker analyzer camera lens reading. They are printed with the invisible barcode on sides, so our naked eyes and IR contact lenses can not read them. If you hold a home party, just put the marked cards on the poker table. Other players will not find any flaw from them. The barcode will be read by the camera lens accurately and speedily. The marked cards will offer you a very useful way to know the poker results in advance. Thus, you are able to master the games with more winning odds. Moreover, modiano plastic cards or paper cards can be processed by us perfectly. Of course, your own modiano poker cards can be marked by us. Even if marked, those poker cards still keep good hand feel of original cards.

There are many kinds of marked cards in our company. If you take an interest in our modiano barcode marked cards, please don’t hesitate to contact us by Skype!