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Monitoring Poker Shoe Cheating System

Baccarat is one of the most popular poker games in casinos around the world. Our company has all types of Baccarat cheating devices for sale and here we are recommending our monitoring poker shoe cheating system.

The whole system consists of five parts: a poker shoe with an HD camera lens, a monitor, barcode marked cards, a transmitter and and an earpiece.

The HD camera lens fixed inside the poker shoe is completely concealable and won’t be discovered even by those who check the poker shoe. It can scan the barcodes printed along the card edge and the through the transmitter those barcodes will be presented on the monitor screen. According to those barcodes, you can know what poker result will come out in advance. In order to achieve success in cheating Baccarat, you need to get a cheating partner in the backstage to tell you the information through the earpiece.

This monitoring poker shoe cheating system is applicable to not only Baccarat, but also to some other poker games like Blackjack.