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Omaha Poker Cheating Software

The game of Omaha has been enjoyed by many people all over the world. For those who are eager to win lots of money or even make a fortune through this game, we recommend them to use our Omaha poker cheating software.

The Omaha poker cheating software is applicable to 4-card-Omaha, 5-card-Omaha, 6-card-Omaha and Omaha hi-low. It can be installed in a cell phone, a computer or a TV. In order to complete the whole cheating process, users need to get a cheating camera and barcode mar5ked cards involved in the game. The camera usually disguises itself as a watch, a lighter, a car key or other common daily items so that it won’t attract attention or arouse suspicion of other poker players. After the camera reads the barcode marked cards, it will send the information of the cards to the cell phone, the computer or the TV, which, with the Omaha poker cheating, can analyze the poker result quickly and accurately before the cards are dealt. There are many different forms of poker results set in the software, such as the best winner poker hand, the best and the second best winner hand, the poker hand ranks of all players, flop, turn and river. Besides, it can also let you know the poker face of each card if you want. With knowing the poker result, users can play the following part of the game sensibly and cautiously.

If you are desirous of winning a lot of money through Omaha games and interested in our Omaha poker cheating software, welcome to contact us!