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Perspective Table for Regular Playing Cards

In order to play a role in poker cheat, many cheating devices like poker analyzer, cheating contact lenses and cheating poker shuffler, must work with marked playing cards. However, that’s not the case for our latest perspective table, which has been fixed with a special camera for reading regular playing cards.

The camera can be installed in Texas holdem table, Baccarat table and other gambling tables. With mini size and good concealment, it won’t be discovered by other gamblers. When you play poker games, turn on the camera, and then it will read the face-down regular playing cards you are  using for the games at any angle.Right after this, it will send the information of the cards to a TV in backstage. The poker faces of those face-down playing cards will be displayed on the screen . Don’t forget to get a partner in the backstage to tell you what’s on the screen secretly through an earpiece.

Using our latest perspective table for poker cheat, you don’t need to get marked playing cards involved in the cheating process, sparing you from the troubles they may cause.

Besides, if you want us to process your table with our special camera into a cheating device, we can satisfy your demand as well. For more details or the purchase of our latest perspective table for regular playing cards, welcome to contact us!