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Power Strip Marked Cheating Cards Scanner

If you are searching for a pmarked cheating cards scanneoker cheating devices which can scan poker cheating barcode a few meters away from barcode marked cards, we are here recommending you to try our .power strip marked cheating cards scanner.

The poker scanning camera hidden inside the power strip is totally concealable and not easy to be discovered by other people. Its normal scanning distance is 1 to 2.5 meters, but if you prefer longer scanning distance, we can satisfy you demand and make it reach up to 5 meters. Its scanning range is 50cm from up to down and 50cm from left to right. You can move this scanning range and focalize according to where the barcode marked cards are by using a dedicated remote control.

In order for this marked cheating cards scanner to work, you should put the power strip in a place where is convenient for the camera to do the scanning work.

Our power strip marked cheating cards scanner can help you to know poker results before dealing cards in such poker games as Texas holdem, Omaha and Baccarat by working with any type of poker analyzers, like PK series, AKK series, CVK series, If you are interested in this poker scanning device, welcome to approach us for it!