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Processing Ordinary Dice into Remote Dice

As a world’s leading manufacturer with professional team for the research and development, our company boasts the most advanced technology and equipment to make such cheating dice as remote dice.

In addition to making our own remote dice, we also can process the ordinary dice of yours into remote dice. We can assure you that your dice will look no different from the original ones after being processed by our technicians.

We usually fix the ordinary dice with an electronic microchip, which would not be found even if the dice were smashed into pieces. All kinds of dice, like transparent dice, bone dice and plastic dice, can be processed into remote dice by us.

But, the remote dice alone can not help you achieve the purpose of cheating, they need to work with a processed base board and a dedicated remote.

The base board should be fixed under the table on which you gamble and the remote dice we’ve processed should be tossed around the area where it is located. The closer to its center, the better. This base board is a controlling unit, running on a rechargeable basis. It just need 2-3 hours to recharge and can stand by up to 8 hours without consuming any of its power.

You can get the dice points you want by using a dedicated remote, which is convenient to carry and easy to operate. It can work even 20 meters away from the dice even with a wall as an obstacle. There are 2 buttons on the remote – one is for setting the dice total sum for small value and the other for big value.

In addition to remote dice, we can also process your ordinary dice into induction dice and mercury dice, both of which can be used to help you cheat in dice gambling as well. If you are interested in letting us making remote dice for you, welcome to contact us!