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Programmed Automatic Mahjong Table System

We can provide you with many different cheating devices to help you win money in all forms of gambling, including poker games, dice games, Mahjong games and Domino games.

Take the Mahjong games for instance, our programmed automatic mahjong table system is a great choice for you.

In addition to the programmed automatic Mahjong table, the whole system also includes cheating Mahjong tiles and a remote control.

The normal size of our Mahjong table is 86.5cm * 86.5cm. The cheating program installed in the table can be customized according your requirements.

The cheating Mahjong tiles have been installed inside with a microchip so that they can work with the programmed automatic Mahjong table. Having been processed, such cheating Mahjong tiles look as normal as the original ones.

You can get the best winner hand no matter where you sit around the Mahjong table by using the remote control.

If you play private Mahjong games a lot, hoping to win money by using some cheating devices without arousing any suspicions. Why not try our programmed automatic mahjong table system?