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Remote Control Baccarat Dealing Shoe System for Poker Cheat

Many different cheating systems for winning Baccarat poker are available from our company, and the remote control Baccarat dealing shoe system is one of them.

The whole system consists of a cheating poker shoe, a remote control and barcode marked decks.

The cheating poker shoe has been installed inside with a poker switcher, which is also so concealable that it won’t be discovered even by those who check the poker shoe. Such a poker shoe is normally non-transparent, featuring exquisite workmanship and more elegant appearance.

The remote control is a special cellphone that can tell you the poker results by vibrating before dealing cards. Vibrating for once means the Banker wins, two times means the Player wins and three times means a tie. Besides, you can also use it to change the poker results through the poker switcher by pressing the dial key.

As for the barcode marked decks, we have many different poker brands for you to choose, including Aviator, Bee, Bicycle, KEM, Copag, Royal, Fournier, Modiano, Da Vinci and so on. Besides, we can also process your own regular card decks, plastic or paper, into barcode marked decks if you like.

If you want to win money in Baccarat poker by using our this remote control poker shoe system, welcome to contact us!